Umhlanga Women Achievers would like to shout out to Lynn Easton, her huge heart and generous soul have shone like a bright star through this challenging time. Whether it be motivation, inspiration, kindness or a shoulder, her professionalism and warm heart make her an exceptional UWA Heroine. Thank you, Lynn, for all you do and the love that you share.

This is what Lynn had to say…

Lockdown is a time to count your blessings and there are so many blessings to be counted, as there are so many aspects of our lives that are touched deeply. Currently, we all have the choice of whether we wither and curl up and die or whether we rise to the occasion and serve. Leading by example, firstly with our thoughts, then with our words and finally, our actions.

In doing so this ultimately illustrates who we are, and we can let our essence shine Through. I choose to shine, and I choose to be one of the toughs that get going but my tough is the softest of tough as I choose to do all with love. Our world needs more love and we need to rise above all the competitive “who-ha” and bounce into action and serve. It does not matter how others behave, they are responsible for their own thoughts, words and actions. Ensure that yours are integrity based and pure.

I was utterly delighted to receive a call from Sue from Bunny Hop Documents, our vice President of UBWA asking me to give an overview of what I have been up to over this lockdown period and this is what has been going down in my neck of the woods.

Out of choice, I have opted to market our business passively via forwarding information to prospective clients on a regular basis. This is basically the same information that we provide to our existing clients. In order that people in the hospitality industry can get a taste of our service levels and what we are all about.  I designed a database for our business very many years ago, Afscot Financial Services turns 21 this year and I turned 60 during lockdown this April out of interest.

On our database, we have 1200 prospective clients to whom I have provided pertinent information regarding the hospitality industry in order to assist them with every aspect of their business, to support them and to be available fairly quickly by responding to their needs at no cost to them. We do what their brokers should be doing in the hope that they will select us as their specialist hospitality service provider and short-term insurance broker.

I love to serve and I love being under pressure to help everyone, (clearly an insurance nerd),  so I am in my seventh heaven even though I have become a bit ragged at times, (but nothing that meditation and a candlelit bath does not resolve!).

I have a very strong interest in self-development and I have done many wonderful courses and read many inspiring motivational books. Hence have a full toolbox of fabulous tools to aid me through the jungles of life. I always try to respond to all situations by aiming to be at ease no matter what is happening around me.

My favourite author is Steven Covey who wrote “The 7 Habits of the Most Highly Effective People” amongst many other fabulous books all of which are on my bookshelf. Donna McCullum my dearest Fairy Godmother and these two people have had the most impact on my life. They have given me marvellous tools which set my sails and accomplish more than just prevailing.

My sent box has 22 433 emails in it which I have still to file and these are in respect of our existing client base and also our prospective client base. Some prospective clients have requested that I become their broker due to the support that I have given them over the last 3 years or so and it is my intention to prove my worth to them and be trusted to serve and add value.

The business currently consists of helping people save premiums for both existing clients and prospective clients. Processing thousands of business interruption claims for loss of income and cancellations of bookings as a result of COVID-19 AND I mean thousands.  We also need to do premium holidays for clients and inform them of all sorts of discounts that our many insurers are offering. We have agencies with 19 insurance companies, therefore, we have quite a choice.

Personally I have been locked down with the two boys in my life, my husband Alex and our delightful landscaping gardener son James who is responsible for all the roses that he blesses us with together with an array of many other magnificent and exotic plants. Therefore lockdown, other than dog poo picking in the garden is delightfully fragrant.

It’s wonderful that when the chips are down our family pulls together like a well-oiled machine and things just happen. It is inherent in us in order to thrive and not just survive, we need to up our game and up to our faith as without hope, there is nothing.

James our son also assists with vacuuming and I follow with the steam cleaner, cleaning all and sundry. Even the windows look like they have come out of a dishwasher! (note to tell friends…invest in a steam cleaner if you have not got one, it saves on detergents, kills germs and cleans like a ninja)

Thank goodness for the dishwasher and Alex who has a willingness to help and understands that I don’t want to have to ask for help. He is now an excellent packer away of all things and hanger of washing etc. etc. Decluttering is happening in every room and we have donated a huge number of things that we don’t use to various people and one truckload to a family on the Bluff whose house burnt down.

It’s a time to share and care and I encourage everyone to get their house in order as time such as this may never present itself again. I find it exciting and refreshing to be able to tidy up, sort out and declutter our cupboards, my mind and our home and to lose silly old habits that do not serve me as well. I constantly live in gratitude for our many, many blessings.

I communicate often with family and friends on zoom and kept on boogying by doing Zoom Zumba and Nia dancing classes. Both my husband and son giggle quite a bit at this but hey I get my groove on anyway. I have never been afraid to enjoy myself and dance like no-one is watching as a rule, not as an exception.

We have learned new skills such as remote accessing via computer and our dearest assistant Farzana works from home as efficiently and cheerfully as ever. My techno skills have been upgraded to utilize angel intervention when anything goes wrong. I just call on the angels to sort things out and they are so efficient and helpful when you ask them to do things for you and so cost-effective as well. They are just a thought away and could put many people out of business and into business all at the same time. Quite miraculous actually and yes, I do believe in miracles. I experience them daily, as I always have utter faith in the best outcomes.

I don’t judge what is happening but rather I observe with fascination and I know in my heart of hearts that this too shall pass and that as long as I focus on gratitude and self-love and wellbeing of all those around me all will be well.

I am blessed with the ability to string inspirational words together at the drop of a hat and I tend to tip my hat regularly and will gladly at moment’s notice tinker up some inspiration to bring joy to anyone along the way. UBWA members are all such a wonderful bunch of people and I am truly blessed to be a proud member and appreciate and value each and every one of you.

Umhlanga Women Achievers would like to shout out to Lynn Easton, her huge heart and generous soul have shone like a bright star through this challenging time. Whether it be motivation, inspiration, kindness or a shoulder, her professionalism and warm heart make her an exceptional UWA Heroine. Thank you, Lynn, for all you do and the love that you share.

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