Sue Davidson – Umhlanga Women Achievers President 2021.

Dearest UWA Sisterhood Ladies

The purpose of this communication is twofold.

Firstly, to tip my hat in honour of my committee members and all our UWA Sisterhood who have gone out of their way to make my life as President just that much easier. For UWA to function properly really does need a whole committee. If for any reason the chain of support is broken it compromises the outcome of all our projects. It has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone – what with COVID, protests, retrenchments, unemployment, homeschooling, hunger, and money issues affecting our very own members.

It has been such an honour and a privilege during this time to rub shoulders with the women in this sisterhood. Ladies who were able to knuckle down when all odds were against us. Ladies our beanie challenge was fantastic – we said can we do 1000 in a month – and we got 1662 – we also got blankets, jerseys, and more.

Then we asked for 2nd hand clothes, and they just kept coming. We were doing deliveries every week to Open Door. Thanks to Bev, Robyn, and Helene we had a raffle at Granny Griffs – we made R4000 for Reach for Recovery – our recent raffle we made R1000 for St Martins Home. A huge thank you to Tracey Kloekie from Hearts & Hands for a very successful feeding scheme – we were able with their help to feed +/- 2500 people.

We were able to give Durban SPCA R3000 through the course of this year. We were also able to get 25 school backpacks for Ntuzuma School run by Bishop Raphael after their classroom was burnt during the protests. Our last breakfast we collected Christmas gifts for children in the Malvern Home.

For fear I am omitting any other donations, I would like to sincerely thank all those who actively helped in the collections and distributions of the above-donated goods. It must of course be remembered that all of this happened amidst a series of Covid/lockdowns etc as I said before. I would like to thank Esther who on numerous occasions guided me in my presidency wherever I became a little lost. Understanding the workings of such a complex undertaking can be a little daunting.

A total “hats off” to our founding member Helene Griffiths. Helene, you have supported me in all the decisions I have made, guided me when necessary and generally made my life so much easier. This unity between us is something I will cherish forever and never forget. Thank you, Helene. The second reason for tipping my hat in honour of all you beautiful ladies in our sisterhood is to greet you farewell. As you have no doubt heard I am moving from Durban to live in Marloth Park, Komatipoort from the end of January to start a new chapter in the bush with my hubby. As a member of UWA since 2013, I will follow with great interest. My intention is to visit often. I will also need retail therapy and my visits will include a visit to Bev, etc for TLC.

My business will now be run from my daughter’s office and will carry on as before via Zoom meetings now.          

I would like to wish all of you a fabulous festive holiday and everything of the best for 2022 – I am not saying goodbye just Au revoir till we meet again. I will miss you all big time. What I take with me through all of this is “There are friends in life, and there are friends for life.”

I would like to apologise for not doing this newsletter on camera like I normally do. Unfortunately, I have contracted Covid and am not feeling well enough for a camera. Thanks for the understanding.


Tracy-Ann Klokie

Tracy-Ann Klokie (49), wife to Marius and mother to Trent and Trinity-Mia

Owner of Khwezi Solutions (BBBEE, employment equity, skills and legal compliance) consultancy business

Also, owner of Khwezi Developments which is a Seta accredited training provider (learnerships, skills programmes, Mentorship programmes and bursary scheme).

I am also the founder of Hearts in Hands Foodbank NPO which was started in early 2020 as a direct response to Covid. My office is based a mere 1.5km from Embo and we focus on “where we are with what we have”. We send food relief directly into the most vulnerable communities of the upper highway area and have reached as far as Kwa-Mashu, Phoenix and Trafalgar on occasion.

We also run a soup kitchen in Embo that feeds approx 100 kiddies every week from very vulnerable households.

To assist I can be contacted on 084 555 1195 or email

More about Nadine

Nadine works as a medical receptionist for Dr Chantal Fairon. We run a feeding scheme for a village in Ntuzuma and spilling over to Inanda. We work with Bishop Makatini from the area.

Seeing the photographs of happy little faces of child-headed households and Gogo-run households as well as a home for special needs children – is so uplifting every Friday. Bishop Makatini (Raphael) is a joy to work with


Let’s find out more about Jen.

Travel Savvy is an owner-managed travel agency run by travel pro Jennifer Morris. Jen has worked in the travel industry for 16+ years, making travel dreams come true and ensuring a seamless experience for her clients. She is passionate about ensuring that Travel Savvy’s clients are taken care of at every stage of their journey, from the initial itinerary planning to final trip execution.

Jen is hands-on with all of her clients, offering 24/7 availability and a commitment to solving any travel challenges that present during the course of a trip. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jen and the Travel Savvy team have done everything in their power to stay abreast of all the changes to rules and regulations, entry requirements and restrictions, ensuring that anyone needing to travel has all the information they need to stay safe and successfully complete their journey.

Heroine of the Month – Bev Murray

Let’s take a minute to get to know Bev!

Bev is the proud owner of Bev’s Beauty & Wellness, situated at 3 Tetford Circle, Hirsch’s, Umhlanga.
It can be confirmed that Bev doesn’t only spend her hours taking care of her customers inner and outer beauty, but she extends this innate passion for wellbeing to her family, friends and the UWA committee members. If you peruse her Facebook page, you will notice that most of the posts are based on promoting and supporting other individuals and local businesses!
As part of the UWA organisation and committee for many years, she volunteers her time willingly and graciously and takes on every challenge with courage and positivity. Ready to lend her ear to listen, her shoulder to lean on, share advice and knowledge, all with a smile and twinkle in her eye.
After meeting Bev for the first time, you will walk away feeling as though you’ve either made a friend for life or have known her for a lifetime as her warm, welcoming, loving, and supportive nature is instantly felt and extended naturally and effortlessly.
So taking ‘that minute’ to get to know Bev will be time well spent as you get to learn that her deep interest in the wellbeing of others is her motto and at the forefront of her life.
Bev, our positive, patient, stylish, sincere, fun, caring friend, is your best cheerleader, team player, supporter in business and life, and a reliable, loyal, honest, and selfless friend.
She will take you under her wing and make you know that you are loved!

Our chosen heroine of the month, Bev, we are grateful for you, and we celebrate and salute you! May all the good vibes you give out be returned to you tenfold!



The Open Door Crisis Care Centre was founded in 1997 to address gender-based violence and serves as a multifaceted, multi-disciplinary nonprofit “ONE-STOP” trauma and counselling centre


Well known speaker on many topic including women’s and children’s issues, human trafficking.

Lead speaker at International Conference in Gauteng on Human trafficking and child labour as well as overseas.  Served on both National and International panels with experts in the field of human trafficking.   Appeared on radio and TV. 

Human Rights activist and lobbies for better service provision for abused women, children at risk and victims of human trafficking.      


Thora Mansfeild – Founder of The Open Door Crisis Care Centre
  • East Coast Extra Mile Award
  • Old Mutual and Independent Newspaper Community award
  • Rose of Sharon Award for making a difference
  • Women Demand Dignity White Ribbon award for outstanding achievement and contribution to the prevention of violence against women and children
  • Rotary Service Award – Pinetown Rotary Club.  Service above self
  • Nominated Checkers women of the year 3 years running
  • Awarded Certificate of Merit 2005 Outstanding contribution to the community by SAPS
  • Awarded Certificate of Merit 2005 by SAPS for Women and Children’s issues
  • Regional Business Women Association Achievers Award 2008
  • Standard Bank Certificate of Recognition 2008
  • Winner of the Business Women’s Association Regional Business Achievers Award 2010
  • 2012 Finalist: Durban Chamber of Commerce/EThekwini Municipality
  • Finalist KZN:   KZN WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE:    Category  Life Achievement 
  • Recognized as SA hero in SA Leads.
  • Finalist in KZN Top Business Awards 2015
  • Nominated for Diakonia Award 2015
  • Awarded certificate and medal of achievement by SAPS in 2016
  • Recognized by Forbes Consulting as a Woman of Inspiration 2016
  • SAPS Award for 2017 honouring women making a difference.
  • Certificate of appreciation Department of Social Development Award for excellent services by The Open Door in providing care, support and safety to victims of crime and violence 2018. 
  • Rotary Paul fellowship Award   Highest award given to Mother Theresa, Prince Phillip, Gandi
  • Women of Influence from Women Pact Foundation


Sponsored and travelled to

  • United States by the American Embassy and Department of Justice to attend human trafficking workshop.
  •  United Kingdom sponsored by British Airlines.
  •  Singapore, Bangkok and Cambodia to network and explore best practices against human trafficking and abuse against women and children.


Organized and facilitated a WALK from Durban to Johannesburg over 6 days covering 700 kms with 20 x Open Door volunteers and 20 SAPS from various parts of KZN Natal in May 2016, creating awareness on anti-child trafficking, reaching over 10 million men, women and children through Live TV:  radio broadcasts, newspapers, media, and presentations.

We want to shout out to an exceptional UWA Heroine, well done Lynn Easton from Afscot Financial Services

Umhlanga Women Achievers would like to shout out to Lynn Easton, her huge heart and generous soul have shone like a bright star through this challenging time. Whether it be motivation, inspiration, kindness or a shoulder, her professionalism and warm heart make her an exceptional UWA Heroine. Thank you, Lynn, for all you do and the love that you share.

We want to shout out to an exceptional UWA Heroine, well done Cilla Rose

In the spirit of Ubuntu, she can offer free accommodation to our tired healthcare workers so that they don’t need to travel long distances to get home to their families. 

an exceptional UWA Heroine, well done Debbie Becker from Bernina.

Debbie Becker decided to stitch a silver lining around this shadow and made a call to ask members of the public to sew face masks for charity.