uwa benefits

As a member of Umhlanga Women Achievers, you are part of a well-established, stable, consistent and professional nonprofit, organisation that was formed in 1994. With rich history, character and distinct reputation for effective networking, promoting and most importantly, recognising and supporting women in business.

Your journey will follow a path on an active, organised platform to network, market and promote your business through various networking activities and offerings designed and created on the backdrop of the UWA slogan as our inspiration “to grow together through networking, sharing and enthusiasm.”

You will connect and engage with firm business contacts, share leads and referrals to increase and strengthen your business prospects while building and growing meaningful business relationships and friendships within the organisation.

Our members are not just a number; we know each other by name. You will be welcomed into our networking community that is like-minded, passionate and grateful for where we are and what we do.

You will experience the ripple effect to encourage, inspire, motivate and support one another, to strive for better business results and success while we follow this journey to grow and evolve into greater versions of ourselves as businesswomen and individuals.

Our organisation is represented by a focused committee who are dedicated to lead and execute productive, effective networking activities for our UWA members, uphold and preserve our reputation and continue the success of UWA.

UWA Networking

Breakfasts & Dinners

Monthly event.
Unlimited bookings.
A guest speaker is invited to talk on business-related topics, trends, skills, coaching etc. Networking takes place throughout the event, or you could be selected in the business feature to promote during extra time. Exhibition tables can be booked to sell or market products.

There is an opportunity to be a meeting or gift sponsor and allow that business to display their banners and extended time to promote.

UWA Cares


The primary focus of UWA is networking; however, we also create awareness and support charities within our communities.

We raise funds at our monthly events by selling raffle tickets to attendees who stand a chance to win prizes sponsored by our members and guests.

The money raised is donated to the charity of choice. Throughout the year, we also schedule UWA Blood Drives to create awareness and support the need for donations.

UWA Achiever of the year

Achiever of the Year

This annual programme is designed for UWA members to reflect on the past year, measure their growth and
motivation, acknowledge their hard work, fortitude, and attitude and realise their worth.

As UWA ‘achievers, ‘ we need to believe in who we are, what we do and why we do it. ALL our members are
invited and encouraged to submit an entry into this competition. An overall winner will be announced at our Year End event.

UWA Boardroom


On our website and Facebook platform, we promote our organisation, our activities and upcoming events. In addition, we give recognition to our members for their support and involvement in UWA. We share our member’s news, businesses their business pages, and celebrate their achievements.

Our UWA Boardroom at GGs seats eight and is open from Tuesday – Friday and can be booked for meetings, mini workshops, consultations etc.

UWA Book Club

Book Club

Our book club collection has a space in our UWA Boardroom located at Granny Griffs.

There are a number of business, leadership and motivation titles on offer to our members to enhance their knowledge and boost ideas and new thinking. These are offered on a limited loan basis.


whatsapp Ads

An active Ads ONLY WhatsApp platform that is open to UWA members every Thursday from 7 am – 8 pm.
Members have an opportunity to be recognised, showcase, advertise, and promote their businesses and specials. It can be used as a ‘directory’ to refer to and endorse UWA businesses.

Each month the BEST Ad that is fresh, creative and impactful is chosen. An overall winner will be announced at our Year End event.

UWA Chatgroup

WhatsApp Group

It’s a casual platform where we get to know each other better, and share news, motivations, jokes, updates, enquiries, referrals etc. This group is free of religious, political views and negativity.

UWA Newsletter


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