It has been a hectic time for Bernina Durban North during this time, like other businesses they found themselves faced with challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Debbie Becker decided to stitch a silver lining around this shadow and made a call to ask members of the public to sew face masks for charity.

Bernina was overwhelmed by the generosity of the community and was lucky enough to get a donation of fabric. Debbie went about setting up a post on their Instagram account, listing the pattern and the details on how to make a face mask.

Debbie said that it had been quite an eye-opener with loads of offers to sew and make the masks. The other day she had delivered over 520 masks to the Domino Foundation and added to those are the ones which have been given away to petrol pump attendants, drivers, frail care units etc.

Debbie said that it has been delightful to see the messages and connect with people from all over South Africa and even a lady from the UK.

A simple call to action and the results have been incredibly exciting.

She has received more fabric today and is hoping that she can find another 5 -10 ladies who would be prepared to sew 6 -10 masks by next week Wednesday.

Debbie said that it has been lovely to connect with ladies and see how kind-hearted and generous they are in the midst of such a crisis.

The other part of this story has been the ladies who have needed to create alternative incomes as theirs has dried up during lockdown. Debbie says she is blown away by the numbers of sewers who have risen to the situation.

Debbie’s favourite saying “Never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine” has never rung truer.

There are now numerous Facebook pages encouraging people to make facemasks, and Debbie is delighted that at long last facemasks are now an accepted form of protecting oneself from a nasty germ.

Bernina’s story even made Timeslive! Their Facebook video appeared halfway down the page (you can follow the link below to view the article):

Now you have the whole story about this exceptional woman, Debbie Becker from Bernina; you make us all so proud to have such a fantastic Umhlanga Women Achievers member.

Love from the UWA Team