How fake news spreads

Think before you share. Ask yourself a few questions.

Who made it?

What is the source?

Where did it come from?

Why are you sharing this?

When was it published?

A small share can have significant consequences.

Useful websites for Fact-Checking possible fake news

Here are a few websites you may find useful for checking false news, suspicious articles and information before you consider them as valid information. Think before you share.

Google Fact CheckerFact-checking – Africa Check – AfricaCheck.orgSnopes Fact Checker

Fake News – 

How to report fake news and misinformation online: 

To report a fake news post on Facebook click here 

To report and Reduce the Spread of False Information on Instagram click here

To report inappropriate content on Youtube click here

To report a Tweet, List, or Direct Message on Twitter click here

To report a contact or group on WhatsApp click here

Recognize and Report Spam, Inappropriate, and Abusive Content on LinkedIn

Report inappropriate content on TikTok

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