The Annual General Meeting of the Umhlanga Women Achievers will take place on Wednesday, 10th February 2020 as a virtual meeting (Zoom).

Voting will take place at 17h30 followed by the rest of the meeting at 18h00

The current president, Esther Bishop, will now be standing down having served 2 years as Treasurer, 2 years as Vice-President, and 2 years as President.

She will serve her last year on the committee in the advisory capacity as Past President.

To make it easier for everyone, and for continuity, the following committee members are prepared to stand again for 2021 and have indicated that they are willing to hold the following positions –

Sue Davidson as President

Bev Murray as Vice-President or committee member

Saysha Till as Vice-President or committee member

Leigh Parsons as Vice-President or Secretary or committee member

Ray Till as Treasurer

Sue Davidson

Bev Murray

Saysha-Till - Immortal Art Design

Saysha Till

Leigh Parsons

Ray Till

We have the following positions available:


This position would suit someone who is very organised and professional, with a good command of the English language. They will need to take minutes of all meetings and be in charge of record keeping.

2 x committee members

UWA Nomination Form 2021

Only paid up members are able to submit nominations and all nominees must also be paid up members.

The President, Vice President, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary must have been members for not less than six months to qualify for an election.

Please ensure that any lady you are nominating has accepted the nomination.

(Cut off for submissions is Friday 5th February at 17h00.)

I nominate the following ladies for election at the 2021 AGM:

Please complete as many positions as you like (i.e. you don't have to fill them all out).


This is your information:


A fellow member that endorses your choices:

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