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Bev's Beautiful Beer Bread Recipe

Cooking time

1 Hour


  • 3 Cups Flour (sifted)

  • 3 Teaspoons baking powder (omit if using Self-Rising Flour)

  • 1 Teaspoon salt (omit if using Self-Raising Flour)

  • 1/4 Cup sugar

  • 1 (12 Ounce) Can beer

  • 1/2 Cup melted butter (1/4 cup will do just fine)


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  • Mix the dry ingredients and beer
  • Pour onto a greased loaf pan
  • Pour melted butter over mixture
  • Bake 1 hour, remove from an and cool for at least 15 minutes
  • NOTES:
    The recipe makes a very hearty bread with a crunchy, buttery crust. If you prefer a softer crust ( like traditional bread)
    mix the butter into the batter instead of pouring it on the top.
    Sifting flour for bread recipes are a must-do. Most people just scoop the 1 cup measure in the flour canister and level it off.
    That compacts the flour and turns your bread into a ‘hard biscuit’ as some have described. That happens because they did not sift the flour!
    If you do not have a sifter use a spoon to spoon the flour into the 1 cup measure.