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Kip McGrath Education Centres Bluff and Umhlanga
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The Kip McGrath Education Centre individualised tutoring system is designed to help children who are struggling with English, Afrikaans and Mathematics. There are short courses in Study Skills, School Readiness, Essay Writing, IQ Development and English as a Second Language. It is believed that every child can be helped to achieve with continuous motivation and a healthy boost of his or her self confidence.
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“If your child is struggling at school, don’t panic. Kip is here to help.” One of the world’s leading supplementary educators provides learning programmes designed to help everyone from Grade R to Grade 12 students reach their full learning potential.
The Kip McGrath Education Centres business was established over 40 years ago and is now a world leader in supplementary education with a worldwide network of over 7000 franchises in 20 countries.
Every child is tested free of charge to see exactly where his or her problems lie. The children who enroll are placed on a programme designed at a level where they are able to cope. The qualified teacher leads them through a graded programme step by step through more complex work until they have reached the level of their present grade. The Kip McGrath system helps the child at the root of the problem and is founded on individualised attention and personal care. The programme brings peace of mind to many concerned parents. Parents who bring their children to the Kip McGrath Education Centres are grateful to have found someone who can help correct their child’s problems.

“My daughter attended Kip in Grade 7. It took her 18 months to bridge the gap from a ‘C’ to an ‘A’ aggregate in Maths. Once she left Kip, she was able to maintain her ‘A’ throughout her High school. She is in Matric this year and is still getting ‘A’s’ in Math. She says ‘Kip puts it in my head!’ She couldn’t be more right.” (Mrs Manickchund – 2014)

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031 5661110 or 074 111733
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Suite 125 Ridgeton Towers, 6 Aurora Drive, Umhlanga Ridge